Welcome. This site deals with the topic of Sacred Geometry and other esoterica.
It is not intended as an offense or affront to any religious beliefs or ideologies worldwide.
The ideas presented are intended only to inform and inspire the reader about
historically observed qualities of geometrical forms and patterns
and their possible relationships to life, the Universe, and reality.
The information is condensed, as many of the concepts have entire libraries devoted to them.
My sincere hope is that I have at least respectfully
opened the doorway of interest in Sacred Geometry to the world.

Podcast interview recorded live, February 6th, 2007
with Lana Pritzker, M.Ed and Tia Carr Williams
for their "Conversations With" series.
Sacred Geometry: The Music Of Life (27.5MB MP3)

*note: there are many illustrations to load throughout the site

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