I have often wondered about the nature of the 12 zodiacal symbols as they appear today. I imagine them as pictographs, perhaps premonitions, of events, archetypal phenemonena, or ubiquitous experiences. I find them possibly representing the deepest primordial impressions of the universe upon the human psyche. Here are my personal interpretations of the glyphs themselves, along with their traditional associated elements and states.

The four elements correspond as follows:

Earth - physical world, resources, material things
Air - mind, ideas, communication
Fire - will, spirit, energy
Water - feelings, emotions, compassion

The quadruplicities (so named because the zodiac is divided into four quadrants,
3 x 4 = 12):

Cardinal - start, initiate, lead
Fixed - maintain, stabilize, continue
Mutable - adapt, stop, end

...perhaps a story, or a prophecy, in symbol...


creation, genesis, manifestation, bursting forth, outward, upward, the first idea

traditional: Tarot - Emperor IV
Fire, Cardinal


differentiation, emanation, from the one come two, otherness

traditional: Tarot - Heirophant V
Earth, Fixed


magnetism, electricity, attraction, two bodies interact

traditional: Tarot - Lovers VI
Air, Mutable


the dance, the ritual, copulation, unity of opposites, conjunction

traditional: Tarot - Chariot VII
Water, Cardinal


the seed, the individual, the masculine

traditional: Tarot - Strength VIII (XI)
Fire, Fixed


the womb, the virgin, the mother, the feminine

traditional: Tarot - Hermit IX
Earth, Mutable


equilibrium, equality, horizon, the sun, a great dawn or dusk

traditional: Tarot - Justice XI (VIII)
Air, Cardinal


sexuality, individuality and uniqueness, desire, creativity

traditional: Tarot - Death XIII
Water, Fixed


spirituality, will seeking a larger will, will seeking itself

traditional: Tarot - Temperance/Art XIV
Fire, Mutable


shelter, retreat, struggle between ego and self

traditional: Tarot - Devil XV
Earth, Cardinal


a great flood, deluge, flux, transition

traditional: Tarot - Star XVI
Air, Fixed


apocalypse, collision of two celestial bodies, rebirth

traditional: Tarot - Moon XVII
Water, Mutable

Here is a reproduction of my natal chart, for those of you who are interested:

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