The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, found across many cultures and replete with symbolism. Many believe it contains the very blueprint of life itself, as well as a template for the manner by which all forms come into being.

We start by first identifying the initial cause, the first point in space, radiating as consciousness, outwardly in the form of a circle:

The next step is differentiation. The Self, not content to just sit in eternity alone and complete unto itself in eternal bliss, decides instead to extend itself outward, to create the 10,000 things, and so here we have the first step in that process. This resembles in every way what happens in cellular mitosis, or the splitting of a living cell into two equal parts.

You will note that these resulting two circles, identical in size to the first, touch each other precisely at their centers. This in turn creates what is known as the vesica piscis (fish bladder), that almond, womb-like shape now appearing in the center.

It is often referred to as the vesica piscis, for its resemblance to the shape of a fish.

The image of Christ within the vesica symbolically expresses the idea of the intersection of the infinite and the finite, resulting in life.


Here we see a horizon drawn through the centers of both circles. As above, so below.

This division yields the intersecting points seen above. When these points are connected, they result in an equilateral triangle.
From the One, come Two, then Three.

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